About me

Karin Angstrom

I am a qualified Art Psychotherapist (Master) and Artist (Bachelor Hons. Degree Fine Art). I also have an Masters Degree in Arts Management and Cultural Policy.  

I have several years of experience providing art therapy, as well as art educational sessions, privately to individuals and groups. In the past I have experience of working both in the private and public sector, including delivering art therapy to children in a primary school, adolescents in a secondary school, adults within acute mental health care in an NHS hospital, as well as migrants and refugees (adults and children) for a UK based charity. I always value and continue my own work as an artist in conjunction to this and I am passionate about spreading the value of art and creative expression for overall wellbeing and health to people of all ages. 

I am dedicated to my continuing professional development and I always look for ways to continue to enrich my practice and my understanding of human nature, wellbeing and health. For this reason I have additionally undertaken the following trainings: Mindfulness Applications in Art Psychotherapy, Counselling for Children and Adolescents, Children’s Yoga Instructor, Meditation, Reiki Healing to Master Level and Professional Diploma in Nutrition. 

My Approach

My training as an art psychotherapist is that of psychodynamic psychotherapy. This is a form of depth psychology that focuses on the unconscious and past experiences, and their relation to development. How we perceive the world depends on who we think we are and the relationship we have with ourselves. This relationship with ourselves is influenced by past experiences and effects how we think, feel, behave and interact in our everyday lives. Personal growth and change happen when we have the courage to look inwards and evaluate our thought processes, emotions, personality traits and past experiences. This may involve gently questioning and changing old beliefs and ways of doing things. If we can do this there is potential for change, growth and self-acceptance. We can come to a better appreciation, understanding and acceptance of the unique person that we are.

My aim is always to offer an empathetic environment while keeping a good balance between challenge and support.  Trust is important to the therapeutic process and all information disclosed is treated as confidential. It is vitally important to feel safe and secure in the relationship and I place this at the heart of the process.

What I Offer

I offer both long-term and short-term art psychotherapy sessions, groups and workshops.

I also offer art educational sessions. This is for those interested in increasing their practical art skills, including techniques and materials, but who also want to unlock their own creativity and discover the joys of art making. 

Feel free to contact me for more information: karin.angstrom@gmail.com.

Feedback from Recent Workshops

“Thank you Karin, for another lovely Art Therapeutic workshop. Also good to meet everyone that came today” – Rebecca

“Thank you for Monday evening. I found it difficult as I have been in a really defensive place, yet I am glad I came. I learnt a lot. It was especially helpful to see that how I see myself is not how others can see me and to understand what detachment looks like in the drawings. Looking forward to the next one!”. – Mandy

“Gave me time to think – not with my head but with my body. I enjoyed the art making, the conversations, people’s generous sharing and Karin’s approach, which seem insightful and very knowledabe” – Lee

“Had a great time, very relaxing and enriching. I enjoyed the meditation and mandala drawing. Karin was very professional (she clearly knows her stuff), yet welcoming and friendly” – Claire

“Very good! – always great to use art materials and make images, especially with like minded people. A good introduction to Art Therapy and Karin facilitated it all perfectly ” – Annette

 “Really enjoyed the session. Great to meet Karin as well as new interesting people. We talked about what the meanings could have meant for us…Would highly recommend. Thank you Karin” – Caroline

“I felt relaxed. Karin is great and I was inspired to try some art therapy at home ” – Maggie

“Wonderful experience!” – Tu

“I enjoyed this workshop. Had a very calming effect on me. I went home feeling relaxed and refreshed. Very good to get feedback from the others. It was a pleasure to meet Karin and everyone else ” – Amanda

“Gave me glimpse into the world of art therapy and gave me an opportunity to meet some warm, lovely people. Everything I was hoping for!” – Gin