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Benefits of Drawing to Wellbeing

Interview in Prima Magazine 

“Drawing will help you reconnect with your creativity – which will help you in all areas of your life…’It’s similar to mindfulness and meditation, yet it’s more tangible and visual”

The Great British Baking Therapy

Interview by RSCCP

“The creative, tactile aspects of baking could have similar benefits to Art Therapy, as they both facilitate a meaningful experience through the transformation of simple components into an end product that inevitably carries something of the creator”

Media – General

Below I have gathered useful links for anyone interested to learn more about art therapy.

Duchess of Cambridge at Oxford 400-30

Duchess of Cambridge opens art therapy room (Telegraph and ITV News):

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A day in the life of … a children’s art therapist (The Guardian):

Ted Talk

Art therapy: changing lives, one image at a time: Cathy Malchiodi:

Professional Bodies, Associations, Societies and Trusts

Health Professions Council:

British Association of Art Therapists:

American Art Therapy Association:

International Art Therapy Organization (IATO):

International Society for the Psychopathology of Expression and Art Therapy:

National Alliance for Art Health and Wellbeing:

Art Therapy Without Borders:

The Art Therapy Trust:

 Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust – About Art Therapy:

General Interest Groups and Information

The Science of Happiness – Art Therapy:

GoToSee – The Health and Therapy Guide:

About Psychology – What is Art Therapy?:

Mental Health Care Guide – About Art Therapy: 

The Welcome Collection – Art Therapy:–body/topics/the-adamson-collection/beyond-art-therapy.aspx